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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chemo Curl

At last I can really claim that my hair has grown again and Yes it is really curly and I love it.  Would like to put up a photo but not certain how.  Will have to enlist help of beloved husband.  I kept being told that when hair grows back after loss through chemotherapy, it invariably comes back curly. Well it has and it is.  I appreciate that a lot of women hate this look and cant wait for it to disappear but I really want to keep it short and really curly.  It feels great to touch  and I feel great in myself.  So yes there are silverlinings.  Chemo and the reasons for having it not great at all....The post chemo curly lamb look is just  fine by me.  Photo to follow.  Love to you all.  x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Reasons to be happy

 as a mental health worker, I have often heard people say that all they want is to be "Happy".  Everyone else is happy so why cant I be happy?  Why?  well really that is easy.  You see the trick is capturing those brief momments,  for sometimes that is all they are. Those brief glimpses of joy that happen when you least expect.  That beautiful bird singing outside your window at 5 oclock in the morning when you would rather be asleep.  The sunny day that has come after months of rain and cold,  sitting in that sunshine dringing a cup of tea for the first time in months.  These things make up happiness.  Yes sure in the bigger scheme, its not perhaps like  recognising you have won a wonderful prize or passed a big exam or holding your baby in your arms for the first time, but it is all these things, put away in a mental box of recollections that can make you happy.  Having Cancer isnt great!  (understatement) and there are times it may seem difficult to see reasons to be happy,  but those reasons are there.  Just recall the little times of joy and put them altogether and find yourself a whole load of happiness.  And sure, somedays will still be bad and finding reasons to be happy difficult to unlock but I believe if you look hard enough those happy thoughts are there, how ever fleeting.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

How long? and First post treatment Consult appointment

I cant believe how long it is since I blogged.  Where does time go when you are having fun!  Being back at work full time is keeping me busy and I mean busy.  Lots going on with tight deadlines to meet.  however I am not complaining just thrilled to be able to be back at work.  Normality even if stressful at times is GREAT........Well most of the time.  So what next.......Waiting for my first consultants appointment after finishing treatment.  This will be on the 29th May so not long now.  Not too anxious but probably will be just a little before I actually go in to see him.  Will have had a blood test before hand, to measure the antigen levels (CA125)  Really hope it hasnt gone up or if it has it is in normal levels.  Feeling generally good and that is really important.  However I do have a small hernia (post operative stuff) and that feels a little tender some days but not really causing trouble.  Have just bought myself a new mid range (price wise) pedometer. immediealty went for a lovely walk on our marshes....Straight out the door, down the road and onto beautiful nature reserve.  So lucky....completed 4000 steps.  cant be bad..