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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Signs and Symtoms of PPC

Well I can only describe my experience.  With hindsight I now know my symptoms to be the main symptoms of PPC and Ovarian cancer.  In fact my GP sent me for blood tests including one called CA125 warning me that this was a test that could rule out Ovarian Cancer and not to worry.  If the result came back with a high result then it could probably be one of a hundred other conditions. Including irritable bowel.  What I am trying to say here, is that if you get any of the following syptoms then do go to your GP and ask for this test to be done..  The chances are that it wont be Ovarian or PPC but if there is even a slim chance it could be, you need to know.

If any Gentlemen are reading this,  Yes you can get Peritoneal Cancer.  We all have a Peritoneum.  However you clearly do not have ovaries so I am guessing it will be even harder for your doctor to consider the likelihood of you having this as a possible diagnosis.  I have no idea if men would be offered the CA125 test but it may be worth asking.
Please dont be afraid of looking stupid. Ask for it to be ruled out.  Yes the chances are that your symptoms could be something else but I personally would rather know for sure, and then if it turns out to be something less sinister then all well and good but if it is Cancer YOU NEED TREATMENT..  I suspect you will have the same or similar symptoms.  These are only my thoughts and opinions so please seek professional guidance if you have any concerns. I am only an expert in my own condition and body.

My symptoms

Feeling very Bloated for two or three weeks.  (feeling I needed to pass wind but being unable to)
Appetite decreasing. (barely able to eat without feeling full)  I love my food 
Weight gain. 
My abdomen felt stiff and I had a slight dragging feeling in the pubic area. 
Uncomfortable when walking

To be honest I just felt that I was gaining weight and when I went to the Doctor she / he would tell me I was Obese and to go away.  Eat less and excercise more.  I had even bought myself a pedometer to measure how much I walked and to try and increase this.

I had gained Weight! I was 13 stone at diagnosis.  1 stone of this weight was in fact a fluid build up called Ascites.  Most uncomfortable

I hope this helps.  Dont ignore any symptoms including those not listed here.  It is your body listen to it.

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