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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Primary Peritoneal Cancer. This Way,That Way, Somewhere Else. A Journey

I was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer (PPC) in August 2012. and after the initial terror both for me and my family I came to terms with this and got on with the treatment.  3 cycles of chemotherapy followed by radical hysterectomy and then a further three cycles of chemo.  Not much fun but bearable with the wonderful support of my lovely family.

From the initial diagnosis until the surgery in November 2012 I managed to continue working a little.  I had / have a very understanding and compassionate employer.  Following Surgery I remained off work until Feb 18th this year.  Today I am back at work full time and feel fine.

I am writing this blog as I want to document my experience and knowledge of this condition and pass on to others how I have coped so far.  Anything I write will be my thoughts and experience and not therefore to be taken in the place of medical advice.  Always seek that first.  However I shall attempt to add links and information that I have found helpful.

The most importand element of this blog for me is to pull together a venue  (virtual) for others who have this diagnosis as there is very little out there.  If I can help others with PPC or their family and friends to understand and feel less alone  I would like that.  So message me through my facebook page or leave a comment here.  Thanks for reading this. Take care.  D

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